Small But Mighty Tank Mixing

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Small But Mighty Tank Mixing

When a small tank mixing system is all that is needed, consider a simplified Rotamix system with a chopper pump and external-mount nozzle assembly. The external-mount nozzles are made of lightweight 316SS or SCH40 steel with glass lining and sandwiched between 6-inch ANSI flanges that provide fixed discharge angles off the tank wall. The nozzles in this system can be manipulated to create low or high turbulent conditions that are ideal for mixing additives or separating solids in the chemical processing and oil and gas industries.

Introducing Vaughan Company's new small-tank mixing system, this product is meant for smaller applications where there is a need to create a homogenized slurry. This is perfect for getting the most out of your FOG application.

This video demonstrates how Vaughan Company's small-tank mixing assembly can be utilized to mix only the bottom portion of a tank while leaving the top in a nonturbulent state.

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