Product News: July 2017

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Product News: July 2017
De Nora’s Capital Controls MicroChem 3

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De Nora Capital Controls MicroChem 3
De Nora’s Capital Controls MicroChem 3 is a multi-parameter water analysis system offering both measurement and control of chlorine-based compounds and other critical elements in one instrument that can be specifically tailored to individual applications. Features include a color touch-screen display, menu-driven software for seamless set up and operation and a USB interface for software updates and data log downloads. It can be used in conjunction with a preferred range of wet ends to measure and control any combination of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, ORP, conductivity, and 4-20mA e.g., flow. 215/997-4000

Xylem Flygt 3069 wastewater treatment pump
The Flygt 3069 wastewater treatment pump from Xylem uses Adaptive N technology and can be used in commercial buildings and municipal sewage applications. The hydraulic design is offered with three different materials: hard iron, grey iron and stainless steel. It is available with vortex and grinder hydraulic options and can be configured to be installed four different ways to suit application needs. 704/409-9700

Victaulic Revit 2018 toolbar update
Victaulic released updates for its Revit 2018, which include enhanced pipe routing and fabrication features. Included are new, preloaded content and templates; additions to Pipe Tools that enable users to automatically tag pipe according to multiple parameters; and a Pipe Type Import Tool that reduces file size, removes duplication of families and ensures customized project types do not get overwritten. It also has further developed custom tagging so users can renumber or sequentially tag sections of pipe and Victaulic products. 610/559-3300

Zoeller 64 HD Series solids-handling pump 
The 64 HD Series pump from Zoeller Engineered Products is for commercial, municipal and industrial applications. Its motor is designed with finned castings for heat dissipation, and oil-filled housings and non-overloading windings enable the motor to maintain a low operating temperature when facing harsh conditions. The pump is available in 25 to 60 bhp, with 4- and 6-inch discharge units, and 3 1/8- or 4-inch spherical passing capability. An inverter duty motor is offered as an option. 800/298-7867

Schneider Electric Altivar 680 AFE drive
The Altivar 680 compact low harmonic drive from Schneider Electric is an active front-end drive that has a three-level input switching stage, which reduces common mode voltage. Designed for water and wastewater applications, it brings flexibility with its ability to mitigate harmonics while performing efficiently at various speeds in a compact design. It has internal application functions including anti-jam, multi-pump control and asset protection via pipe fill. 888/778-2733

FCI MT100 thermal mass flowmeters
MT100 Series multipoint thermal mass flowmeters from Fluid Components International provide temperature-compensated direct mass flow measurement of air and gases with low maintenance requirements in large-diameter pipes, stacks and rectangular duct installations. The meters are available with two to eight flow rate-sensing points, inserted at various depths within a pipe or duct. Their outputs are multiplexed and averaged to produce the flow rate within the process line. There are no moving parts or glass windows to foul or clog. The meters can measure air and gas processes operating up to 850 degrees F. 800/854-1993


OMEGA FMC-5000 Series of Coriolis flowmeters
The FMC-5000 Series of Coriolis flowmeters from OMEGA are designed to meet the challenges of measuring mass fluids and gases that can be corrosive or difficult to measure. The meter is rugged, with no moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements. Based on the Coriolis Force Principle, the meters can also be used in applications like batch control, blending, filling, dosing and process gas measurements. 888/826-6342

NETZCH Pumps TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pump
NETZSCH Pumps North America’s full service-in-place TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pump is designed for the conveyance of surplus, activated and thick biosolids. The design improves access for inspection, cleaning, service and replacing parts. The rotors can be removed and replaced easily because they are not bolted or keyed to the shafts inside the pump head, and their geometry allows for independent removal without the need for special tools. A synchronous toothed timing belt drive system is used to transmit torque to the rotary lobe shafts. The drive doesn’t require lubrication, so oil changes are unnecessary and the chance of oil leaks is eliminated. 610/363-8010


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