February 2016 Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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Editor’s Note: Each month, we’ll bring you a roundup of new water and wastewater projects from across the country. If you would like your town or city’s project included here, please email Online Editor Jennifer West at jennifer.west@colepublishing.com.


Project: Mixer purchase
Details: City will purchase a SolarBee mixer for the Riverside Pond 3 to reduce THMs present in treated wastewater.
Status: Planning phase
Cost: $50,000

Santa Rosa
Project: Floodwall construction
Details: Wall surrounds vital sections of Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant and will protect against El Nino-fueled floodwaters.
Status: Nearly complete
Cost: $200,000


Project: Hillcrest Reservoir Tank and Pump Station
Details: Will include three 45-million-gallon basins and a new pump station that will handle 115 mgd.
Status: Contractor selected
Cost: Part of a $130-million program to improve water storage system
Completion: September 2020
Contractor: MWH Construction


Richmond Hills
Project: New wastewater treatment facility
Details: New plant in Sterling Creek will double the size of the previous plant from 1.5 mgd to 3 mgd.
Status: Grand opening, Jan. 4
Cost: $30 million


Iowa Park/Wichita Falls
Project: Pipeline connecting treatment plant to Cryovac factory
Details: Project includes pipeline, aeration mechanisms and screens. Cryovac hopes to reduce costs associated with purchasing water.
Status: Nearly complete
Cost: $1.5 million


Project: Improvements to water treatment plant
Details: Includes a rapid-mix system to Clinton Water Treatment Plant. Improvements were triggered by an algae event in 2012 that caused high levels of geosmin in the treated water. Public complained of taste and odor issues.
Status: Project to begin February 2016.
Cost: $3.9 million
Contractors: Crossland Heavy Contractors

North Carolina

Project: Water treatment plant upgrades
Details: Upgrades included new treatment process, modernized equipment and facilities and increased water storage
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Feb. 5

Tabor City
Project: Wastewater treatment plant improvements
Details: Project will include a clarifier replacement
Status: Funding secured through State Water Infrastructure Authority meeting on Jan. 21
Cost: $3.2 million for sewer line work and clarifier


Project: New biosolids drying facility
Details: Project is under the new Great Lakes Water Authority. Capacity is 216 tons of dry solids per day. Projected to save department $14 million per year in trucking fees.
Status: Scheduled to come online April 2016
Cost: $143 million

Project: Upgrades to Holland Wastewater Treatment Plant
Details: Change to high-purity oxygen processing along with other upgrades
Status: Construction halfway complete
Completion: Expected in summer 2016


Colony City
Project: Stewart Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion
Details: Expansion will bring capacity to 4.5 mgd
Status: Construction began January 2016
Cost: $19.7 million
Contractors: Pepper Lawson Waterworks, Carollo Engineers

West Virginia

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Current plant has a capacity of 1.2 mgd. New plant will have 2 mgd capacity.
Status: Construction started
Cost: $9 million


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