Our 10 Most Popular Features of 2015

What made the list this year? Find out what TPO readers found the most interesting, the most educational and the most controversial in this special Top 10 list.
Our 10 Most Popular Features of 2015

Ah, 2015, how quickly you went.

In the past year, we’ve posted hundreds and hundreds of stories to TPOmag.com, including everything from operator profiles to online exclusives to opinions on current events.

Here, we highlight the 10 most popular features of the year. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. And if you’re already read them, well, just remember that many things are better the second time around.

Enjoy this look back at 2015.

10. 5 Steps For Becoming a Utility Director

In our No. 10 spot is this article explaining the process of moving upward and onward. Find out how to move through the ranks from operator to utility director and discover how you can shatter the glass ceiling and transition to upper management. 

9. It's a Beer Battle: Sewage Brewage Smack Down Comes to WEFTEC

Beer. It’s always a popular topic with the water and wastewater industry. In this feature, read about a duel between Oregon and Wisconsin for top “effluent lager.” The friendly competition was what some consider the best part about WEFTEC 2015.

8. How to Handle the Salary/Budget Argument

This year, we asked, “What is the price tag on an experienced operator?” You answered by clicking. A lot. Find out how a Texas city handled the issue of increasing salary budgets to hire experienced operators.

7. How to Solve the Flushable Wipes Problem at Your Plant

Solving the flushable wipes problems requires a two-pronged approach: It begins with public education and ends with proper equipment. Here’s what's on the market for dealing with those pesky wipes.

6. Flight Path: 5 Beautiful Wastewater Treatment Plant Aerials

What happens when a dedicated wastewater treatment operator earns a pilot’s license? Answer: One of the most unique hobbies you can image. 

5. How to Train a Rookie Operator

Everyone has taken a turn at being a rookie. Here’s some sage advice from a seasoned operator to his newest colleagues.

4. 6 Photos of Creepy-Crawly Wastewater Microorganisms

Have you been ignoring that dusty microscope in the lab corner? Well, enough! Take a look at these photos, and see what you can learn from those creepy-crawly micorogranisms.

3. 5 Crazy Photos from Snowed-In Massachusetts Plants

Remember how snowy it was this past winter? Massachusetts probably hasn’t forgotten. Take a look at how that cold white stuff coated these plants near Concord. Brrrrr…

2. 5 Tips for a New Wastewater Operator from a Seasoned Veteran

You’ve got years of experience in wastewater. Let’s face it: You’ve been doing this job for a long time. So what would you say to a newbie?

1. Wastewater Math: 5 Must-Have Study Guides for Your Bookshelf

The best preparation for an exam is good studying material. This list of recommended books from our TPO staff was the most popular story of 2015. Click through and see why.


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