Gasholders Control and Safely Store Odorous Biogas

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Gasholders Control and Safely Store Odorous Biogas
Gasholders safely store and regulate biogas from anaerobic digesters to provide the most efficient use of the biogas as a fuel, improving your bottom line.

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Gasholders safely store and regulate biogas from anaerobic digesters to provide the most efficient use of the biogas as a fuel, improving your bottom line. Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) is the exclusive distributor of VSO Biogas Technologies’ double-membrane gasholders in the United States and Canada.

Gasholders are designed to:

  • Regulate and respond to fluctuations in biogas volume
  • Safely store excess biogas for later use 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase profitability by reducing wasted biogas
  • Operate digesters with lower energy demand

The process
Biogas is generated from the anaerobic digestion, or methanization, of organic matter. It typically contains 70 percent methane, a highly flammable fuel for generating power. Gasholders capture and contain biogas and regulate the pressure. The volume of biogas held in the gasholders can vary with changes in the generation rate, while the flow rate to utilization can be managed independently.

Methane-rich biogas, a renewable fuel for:

  • Engines and combined heat and power (CHP) units for electricity and heat
  • Boilers for process heat and steam

Innovative, safe design
VSO Biogas Technologies designs and manufactures gasholders to ensure safe operation. The gasholders have an inner membrane to hold biogas and an outer membrane to protect the inner membrane from the elements. They also provide a means to regulate internal pressure.

Both membranes are made from flexible composite materials and are assembled using high-frequency welding following strict standards. Proper operation is managed by a level sensor, pressure relief valves, damper valves and blowers. Leak detection is also available.

Double-membrane gasholders range in size from 1,800 to 180,000 cubed feet and can be either pad mounted for solid structure digesters or mounted directly on round digester tanks.

VSO & GTI: A team of experts
More than 200 customers worldwide are already experiencing the benefits of double-membrane gasholders from VSO Biogas Technologies. GTI is pleased to have partnered with VSO Biogas Technologies and added quality-built gasholders to our line of products and services.

GTI’s cover experts can deliver, install and commission your new gasholder. We are available to answer technical questions and provide the best possible advice.

Discover how GTI can help your facility tap into renewable energy to help lower operational costs, all while protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

About GTI
For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at:, 506/452-7304 or 855/484-4630.


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