Custom Cover Controls Odors for Frozen-Food Manufacturer

Reputation is everything. In this case study, a frozen-food manufacturer looks to Geomembrane Technologies for an odor-control solution.

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Custom Cover Controls Odors for Frozen-Food Manufacturer
Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) designed, fabricated and installed a large gas-collection cover for a frozen-food manufacturer’s on-site anaerobic digester.

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The customer:
A major American frozen-food manufacturer with worldwide distribution.

The customer’s needs:
The frozen-food manufacturer required a cover solution for its wastewater treatment system that would reliably contain odors and retain heat.

The solution:
Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) designed, fabricated and installed a large gas-collection cover for the frozen-food manufacturer’s on-site anaerobic digester.

GTI also designed, fabricated and installed an insulated modular cover for its equalization tank. The modular cover was designed in pie-shaped segments so that portions of the cover could be disassembled and removed for easier maintenance of the tank. Hatches and openings were built into the cover to accommodate access to the mixer and piping.

The digester tank cover and the equalization tank cover were fabricated with white polyethylene sheeting, which boasts UV-protection to protect against sun damage, extending the covers’ life expectancies. A polyethylene foam insulation layer was also incorporated into the design to minimize heat loss of tank contents and add buoyancy so operators can walk on the covers.

The results:
By investing in GTI’s cover solutions, this frozen-food manufacturer has taken steps in the right direction toward controlling reputation-impacting odor problems related to wastewater treatment. GTI’s covers are helping to contain odors by sealing the water surface so odor complaints do not arise.

The accessibility of GTI’s cover lets treatment plant operators perform their jobs more efficiently, saving money on labor associated with more elaborate disassembly.

The insulated layer within GTI’s cover is also helping the frozen-food manufacturer save on heating costs by avoiding heat loss within the tanks, reducing impact on the temperature-sensitive wastewater treatment process. 

About GTI
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