6 Photos of Creepy-Crawly Wastewater Microorganisms

That microscope in your lab could be your best friend. Take a look at these photos, and see what you can learn from those creepy-crawly microorganisms in your water samples.
6 Photos of Creepy-Crawly Wastewater Microorganisms
Always search through your floc. Notice the water bear hiding out in the middle of the floc, some stalks and filaments? I always like seeing water bears. I never have a lot of them, so when I see them it’s interesting to watch them maneuver around. Lots of news lately about how this water bear can survive in all types of climates, outer space and even nuclear aftermath.

When you think about it, we're looking into another world when we grab a water sample, place it on a slide and zoom in. The microscope is one very cool piece of equipment, and you'll usually see one in almost every wastewater treatment plant lab off in the corner — covered and...

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