Engineered Software Announces Release of PIPE-FLO Professional

Engineered Software Announces Release of PIPE-FLO Professional

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Engineered Software, Inc., the leading software developer for piping systems worldwide, announced the release of PIPE-FLO Professional v14.0.

PIPE-FLO Professional is widely used in the three phases of piping projects: engineering, commissioning and operations. The heart of the PIPE-FLO program is the piping simulation model, which continually updates as the system evolves. 

By integrating even tighter standards to PIPE-FLO Professional v14 and increasing the number of calculations and warning messages, Engineered Software has made it much easier for clients to improve the accuracy of piping operation modeling.

This is the first major upgrade to the program since February 2013.

“We are extremely excited about how much easier this new platform is going to be for our customers," says Delcina Betts, director of marketing. "More than ever, the program has a positive impact on a plant's ROI."

Several new improvements have been included in this latest release:

  • Inlet and outlet static pressure, hydraulic grade and energy grade are now calculated and reported for pipes. Improved control valve calculations have been added for evaluation of choked flow conditions.
  • Percent deviation is now calculated for all devices to adjust calculation settings to achieve higher accuracy as necessary.
  • License messaging is now more specific to aid in troubleshooting and license identification aid in network license configuration.
  • Gradient color improvements allow for clear diagnostics, model troubleshooting and enhanced presentation views when performing simulations of plant operations.
  • Value labels have been added to the gradient window for easier interpretation of colors. Users can now define the value range for a gradient, and only items in that range will be colored, which opens more possibilities for presentation and enhancing the value of gradients for macro scale interpretation of the model.
  • A data import feature has been added to import large amounts of data from various sources into a PIPE-FLO model. This includes support for loading design data with more power and flexibility.

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