WEFTEC 2014 Innovation: TECON Flexible Biogas Storage Solution

WEFTEC 2014 Innovation: TECON Flexible Biogas Storage Solution

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Editor's Note: Innovation was a big theme at WEFTEC 2014. We'll be featuring a few of the new and better technologies found in the exhibit hall at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Watch each day for the Innovation logo to learn more about new products displayed at the clean-water industry’s flagship exhibition and conference.

Infilco Degremont displayed the TECON double-membrane gasholder for municipal wastewater treatment plant anaerobic digesters and other applications. The system can be ground-mounted as a three-fourths sphere or mounted on the top of an anaerobic digester or tank, functioning as a durable tank cover and storage vessel.

The gasholder consists of outer and inner membranes. The outer membrane is a protection layer kept under pressure to withstand wind and snow loads. The inner membrane expands and contracts beneath the outer membrane as gas is generated and used. If the unit is mounted on a concrete foundation, a third bottom membrane seals the storage membrane to the foundation.

Each gasholder is designed in conformance with the strictest European and U.S. standards in materials, structural design, operating pressure and fire resistance. All systems are custom designed and manufactured to project requirements for size, configuration (dome, rectangular, square, three-fourths sphere) and strength using high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabrics. More than 1,700 of the systems are installed globally. Installation takes about two days.

For more information, visit www.degremont-technologies.com.


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