WEFTEC 2014 Innovation: Sustec Process Boosts Digester Efficiency

WEFTEC 2014 Innovation: Sustec Process Boosts Digester Efficiency

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Editor's Note: Innovation was a big theme at WEFTEC 2014. We'll be featuring a few of the new and better technologies found in the exhibit hall at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Watch each day for the Innovation logo to learn more about new products displayed at the clean-water industry’s flagship exhibition and conference.

Sustec, based in the Netherlands, introduced the TurboTec Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis Process (cTHP), a pretreatment step to enhance biogas production in anaerobic digestion. The process helps reduce capital investment and operating costs (chemicals and energy) with a mixing and separation step that achieves efficient heat recovery.

The process treats biomass at 87 psi/280 degrees F (higher temperatures up to 360 degrees F can be achieved). The high temperature ensures sterilization of the final biomass cake (Class A). Pre-concentration of the biomass at just 11 percent dry solids minimizes the use of chemicals and makes belt dewatering sufficient. Steam consumption for heating is limited through efficient heat recovery with heat-exchangers.

Biomass hydrolysis results in up to 35 percent more biogas in digestion, while 30 percent dry solids can be achieved in the final dewatering. The process improves digester capacity by shortening retention time and increasing concentrations. The world’s first full-scale plant applying the technology started up early 2014 in Venlo, Netherlands.

For more information, visit www.Sustec.nl.


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