Are You Searching For a Customized Tank Cover?

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Are You Searching For a Customized Tank Cover?
Need a custom solution to odor problems? GTI offers innovative tank and lagoon covers that can be installed worldwide.

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Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) offers a selection of innovative tank and lagoon covers — as well as containment liners — that can be custom-designed and installed worldwide.

With more than 30 years of experience delivering solutions for demanding water and wastewater applications, GTI has grown to become a global leader in cover and liner systems. Our dedicated team has completed more than 250 installations in the industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors around the world.

GTI’s covers and liners are designed to:

  • Collect biogas to be converted into green energy
  • Lower operational costs and electricity consumption
  • Control odors, temperature fluctuations, and algae growth
  • Reduce contamination and disinfection by-products
  • Safely contain liquids for the majority of chemicals
  • Conserve water and protect groundwater

We take pride in each step of the production of our quality covers and liners — from design to fabrication to installation. Our products are built to meet our customers’ unique needs. They can withstand the toughest environmental conditions and can be installed in any climate, and are fabricated using strong, durable materials that are both chemical-resistant and UV-protected.

Contact GTI today to learn how our products can solve your problems and make your project a success. Visit, email or call 506/452.7304 or 855/484.4630.


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