The Sultan Sonar from Hawk Measurement provides reliable and accurate sludge level measurement on various clarifier processes. Conditions vary greatly among a sedimentation tank, secondary/final clarifier, and flocculent blankets. The 150 kHz transducer can measure down to the sludge bed layer or up to the light flocculent layer. It propagates a high-frequency sound pulse from a submerged transducer to the interface or bed level. Using time of flight calculations, the sound signal is reflected, interpreted by the transducer and sent to the transmitter. User-friendly configuration and easy calibration allow tracking of specific densities dependent on the process. The maintenance-free impact plate scum cleaner uses the surface sweeper mechanism to keep the sensor face clean without interrupting the measurement. A wide range of communication options and 3G remote support capabilities are available. 978/304-3000;; Booth #5274


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