Storage Tanks/Components - Red Valve Co. Dechlorinating Overflow Security Assembly (DOSA)

The nonclogging DOSA from Red Valve Co. automatically removes chlorine residuals during discharges from water tanks. It also increases tank security and prevents intrusion of birds, rodents, insects and cold air drafts. It is constructed of dual Tideflex nozzles and an internal adjustable dechlorination tube, completely encased in an epoxy-coated steel or stainless steel body. During an overflow event, the upper nozzle discharges an elliptically shaped jet down into a dechlorination tube. A calculated portion of water passes through the tube. The rest of the water deflects around the tube. The water is then completely blended to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed and dechlorinated before being discharged out of the DOSA through the lower nozzle. 412/279-0044;


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