Clarifier/Digester/Tank Cleaning - Way Cool Product Co. Waste Blaster

Waste Blaster three-in-one shovel/squeegee/scrapers from Way Cool Product Co. can be used to clear tank floors prior to inspection, oil removal, sludge removal, silt removal, environmental spills cleanup and oil barge clean-out. To operate, the user pulls to move and scrape down surfaces with the metal side or pushes to move and squeegee liquids and viscous materials without breakage or getting splashed. Its usage adds efficiency and cuts labor costs, perfoming three functions at once. It has a no-snag design for smooth pushing. It comes with either 24- or 30-inch stainless steel or aluminum blades, or 36-, 48- or 72-inch MAGNUM blades. The unit is constructed from 12-gauge aluminum or stainless steel and has a 72-inch fiberglass handle, stainless steel hardware, and 1/4-inch three-ply rubber blades. 315/569-9974;


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