Distillation/Fluoridation Equipment and Microbiological Control - USP Technologies Cloevis Biofilm R

The Cloevis Biofilm Removal Service from USP Technologies can be used to remove the biofilms that adhere to the inner surfaces of sewer main walls, including the underlying sulfate-reducing bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. As a result, gaseous hydrogen sulfide is eliminated, and odor and corrosion issues are under control. The technology is delivered as a turnkey, fixed-cost, full-service program and provides avoidance or minimization of on-site chemical storage; independence from sulfide loading, retention time or oxygen uptake; no labor/maintenance requirement; removal of sulfide odors for up to three weeks after a treatment cycle; elimination of methane production within the treated segment; and no downstream adverse impacts due to residual treatment chemicals. 877/346-4262; www.usptechnologies.com


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