Monitors - Hayward Flow Control CPVC HLS Level Sensor

The CPVC HLS Level Sensor from Hayward Flow Control is a highly accurate level sensor that is not affected by foaming, waves or headspace vapors. With a complete CPVC housing and construction, it is ideal for corrosive fluids and environments where metals cannot perform. It measures hydrostatic pressure and converts the reading to an analog 4-20mA signal, which can be displayed on a wide range of indicating transmitters or taken directly into a PLC. It has all CPVC housing with FPM or EPDM seals, a large ceramic diaphragm that ensures accuracy and repeatability, triple-sealed cable entry into the body, a PFA-coated cable that offers chemical compatibility, a 0-to-15-foot and 0-to-33-foot water measurement range, and 30- and 49-foot standard cable lengths, with other lengths available upon request. The unit has a direct analog output, 0.25 percent accuracy full scale, and laser-printed sensor details on the body. 888/429-4635;


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