Chemical/Polymer Feeding Equipment - Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Polymaster

The Polymaster polymer makedown system from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers, including the new lines of high-molecular-weight products. Its Gatlin motorized mixing chamber has a distribution head containing no blades that can damage fragile polymer chains, enabling it to hydraulically segment polymer into ultrathin film platelets that maximize the amount of polymer area that is exposed to dilution water. The degree of polymer activation is not affected by fluctuating water pressures or dilution-water ratio changes. It includes dilution speeds from 1/3 to 20 gpm, easy access to all components, automatic shutdown and local alarm light in the case of loss of dilution water or motor overload, manual or automatic operation, and 120 VAC single-phase power usage. 215/699-8700;


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