Ozonation Equipment/Systems - Ozonology ozone generator

Ozone generators from Ozonology are effective in controlling hydrogen sulfide and other odors from wastewater treatment facilities, wet wells and lift stations. Instead of exhausting foul air into the environment, causing nuisance odor complaints, the exhaust is diverted through a contact chamber and mixed with ozone. The resulting chemical oxidation reaction between odor molecules and ozone molecules can completely neutralize the offending odors. For a lift station or wet well, ozone can be delivered into the headspace to form an odor-neutralizing blanket. The generators are sized according to the odor load, using a formula based on hydrogen sulfide ppm to calculate the grams per hour or pounds per day of ozone required. Generators range from 10 grams per hour to 25 pounds per day, closely matching the application requirement. 847/998-8808; www.ozonology.com.


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