Ozonation Equipment/Systems - Mazzei Injector Company ozone contacting skids

Stand-alone ozone contacting skids from Mazzei Injector Company pull ozone gas from an ozone generator into a sidestream by using the venturi effect, resulting in instantaneous mass transfer. For normal doses, the resulting two-phase solution then flows through a Flash Reactor for further high-velocity mixing, ensuring optimal liquid-ozone contacting. A typical system also includes a degas separator for entrained gas removal prior to mixing back into the bulk flow. For higher ozone doses, direct injection without degassing is enabled by using a Pipeline Flash Reactor, an inline-contacting spool with optimally placed nozzles, for rapid mass transfer. Systems are custom engineered for maximum ozone mass transfer and, if needed, removal of unwanted entrained gases, and each is assembled onto a compact, portable skid frame. 661/363-6500; www.mazzei.net.


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