Ozonation Equipment/Systems - Dust Control Technology OdorBoss 60G with Heat

The OdorBoss 60G with Heat from Dust Control Technology combines an enclosure with insulation, heat tracing and internal heat generation to protect equipment and components during operation and storage in freezing conditions. It uses a mixture of water and odor treatment agents to distribute a specially engineered mist over great distances using a powerful fan that propels the treatment into the air, where it can attach to odor vapor. The result is a reduction in both short- and long-range odor without equipment clogging or downtime from frozen lines, helping companies remain compliant with environmental regulations and maintain good neighbor relations. It uses a nucleator nozzle and a 10 hp air compressor to create an engineered fog comprising millions of tiny droplets as small as 15 microns in diameter that hang suspended in the air for long periods of time as they attract and collide with odor-causing molecules, counteracting them in the process. 800/707-2204; www.odorboss.com.


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