Laboratory Supplies and Services - Chemtron Rust Inhibition Process

Chemtron has a two-step process to protect submergible pumps and metal structures found close to wastewater or seawater from rust, corrosion and harsh environment conditions. The first step involves getting rid of the existing rusted, corroded or oxidized condition of the metal by applying a chemically reacting liquid coating, CT-337 RUST X SUPER, which transforms rust into a stable metal complex that will no longer rust unless physically removed. The application doesn’t require any special surface preparation and does not need heat to cure. The second step, which can follow 20 minutes later, requires the application of CT-491 PAN PATCH, in liquid or aerosol spray, to cover and protect the metal substrate. It is formulated with a combination of rubber, plastic and oligomer hydrocarbons to adhere strongly to the substrate and render the surface completely impermeable to water and the environment. 954/584-4530;


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