High-Efficiency Motors/Pumps/Blowers - Twin-screw feeder system

The Moyno 2000 HS system has a twin-screw feeder that supplies a constant, pressurized feed rate to the pump, resulting in a 100 percent pump cavity fill rate. Its integral hopper with twin-screw auger feeder and progressive cavity pump efficiently handle dewatered municipal biosolids to over 50 percent solids. The Ultra-Feed pump rotor provides high volumetric efficiency. It is available in varying twin-screw feeder and hopper lengths to match wide feed areas from centrifuges and 1- through 3-meter length belt filter presses. Concentric auger rotation in a close-tolerance pressure tube allows the twin-screw feeder to generate positive stuffing pressure to the pump inlet. The intermeshing augers provide self-cleaning action. The twin-screw feeder can be run at a separate speed from the pump rotation, allowing control over stuffing pressure. 877/486-6966; www.moyno.com.


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