Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchangers Offer Quality Heat Transfer, Low Headloss

A concentric tube-in-tube heat exchanger is a design that utilizes counter-flow circulation in one direction and sludge flow in the opposite direction. This counter-flow tube-in-tube arrangement provides superior heat transfer with low headloss.

The Walker Process heat exchanger includes a sludge tube, and the end castings are removable for cleaning without draining the waterside. The end castings include built-in water backflushing connections.

These exchangers comply with ASME pressure vessel code requirements and are stamped with the ASME “U” symbol. Special high-pressure units are available for use with egg-shaped or large-depth digester tanks.

Controls include nonflow restrictive temperature sensors and glass tube or dial thermometers to measure inlet and outlet sludge temperatures, along with a thermocouple and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) for remote indication of control.

Walker Process Equipment’s office and manufacturing plant are centrally located in Aurora, Illinois, and set up to produce parts/assembly for the major components of its product lines.

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