Set Up a Cleaning Regimen to Make Your Membranes Last

Cleaning membranes on a regular basis restores membrane flux, which aids in prolonging membrane life. Since membranes are so expensive, it’s important to save money by keeping them clean and functional.

When selecting a membrane cleaner, look for a manufacturer that provides a range of proven products and offers free technical support, free product samples, customer referrals and on-site assistance. International Products Corp. (IPC) offers a full line of membrane cleaners that have been proven to restore 100 percent membrane flux and extend membrane life, according to the manufacturer.

A case study

One of IPC’s customers treats industrial wastewater generated by a major automotive manufacturer. At this facility, up to 168,000 gpd of wastewater is treated using an ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system. They’ve used IPC’s Micro-90 Concentrated Cleaning Solution to clean membranes for over 14 years with 100 percent flux recovery. 

Prior to using Micro-90, the facility’s initial two-step process used caustic materials and acids. A 1 percent solution of Micro-90 not only removes the organics and metals that blind the membranes, but it provides savings through reduced energy, reduced chemical use and less downtime. They did not need to replace any of their membranes for over 14 years, representing a cost savings of over $500,000, according to an IPC spokesperson.

International Products Corp. has provided cleaners to the filter membrane industry for over 30 years. Our formulated detergents work effectively at restoring 100 percent flux at safe pH ranges and is compatible with UF, RO, ceramic and NF systems. Our on-site research and development laboratory offers free technical support and assistance. Contact IPC and request the “CIP Guidelines for Membrane Cleaning” for help setting up a cleaning regimen.

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