Arizona Water Plant Finds Solution to Valve Issue With Flowrox

A drinking water plant in Arizona recently experienced an issue with its plastic ball valves on pipelines that were transporting 12.5 percent sodium hypochlorite. The plastic ball valves had problems with the rubber liners swelling, and thus the valves wouldn’t shut off completely. The ball valves’ packing also had problems leaking hypochlorite to the floor.

Plant personnel decided to replace the failing ball valves with numerous Flowrox PVEG polyamide-bodied pinch valves. Flowrox supplied the valves with EPDM rubber sleeves. The sleeve is the only component that is in contact with the flowing medium, and all other components in a pinch valve are isolated from the chemical by the sleeve.

Flowrox pinch valves also do not have stem packing, so sodium hypochlorite will not leak out of Flowrox valves, according to the manufacturer.

Product specs

Polyamide-bodied pinch valves are great due to their light weight. A 2-inch Flowrox valve only weighs 17 pounds, and a 6-inch valve weighs fewer than 60 pounds. Flowrox valves are also full port.

The Cv of a 6-inch Flowrox pinch valve is 3,500, which can translate to energy savings for water plants.

Finally, the Flowrox pinch valves are easy to open and close. The torque requirements of a pinch valve can be one-tenth the requirements of a plug valve. The Flowrox valves have been operational with no repairs or leakage for more than two years at this Arizona water plant.

Flowrox was the first pinch valve manufacturer in the world to get awarded the ISO9001 Quality Certificate in 1997. This certification covers Flowrox’s products, marketing, product development, sales, manufacturing/delivery, maintenance services, customer service and customer support.

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