Some Solids Streams Are Tough. This Press Can Handle Them.

A press with two counter-rotating screws is designed to handle challenging materials like high-fiber sludge and water plant lime sludge in a continuous process

Some Solids Streams Are Tough. This Press Can Handle Them.

The Volute Duo replaces a single conveying screw with two interwoven scrolls in barrel with a figure-eight configuration.

2) The design includes a dewatering drum that surrounds the screw with a casing made of a series of fixed and moving rings.

3) The system includes a tank (right) where feed material is mixed with polymer to start flocculation before it flows by gravity to the volute section for dewatering. 

Efficient dewatering of sludges and biosolids matters a great deal. Materials at the optimum dryness can significantly reduce hauling costs for recycling or landfilling and can enable peak performance in a further drying processes. 

But not all sludges are created equal. Some...

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