Product Spotlight - Wastewater: December 2021

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: December 2021

An essential step in the headworks of your wastewater treatment plant, screening is the process of separating solids and other debris from liquids before treatment for reuse or discharge to local waterways. While the idea is relatively simple, the products used in the process are constantly evolving. Duperon recently released the FlexRake IQ Series — an evolution of their original 1990s FlexRake bar screening line. The updated design increases debris removal, automatically increasing capacity and speed to accommodate changing conditions. During peak flow conditions, the optional FlexRake IQ2 adjusts the screen itself to provide maximum flexibility. 

Today’s extreme weather conditions, changing populations, aging infrastructure, and new solids like flushable wipes have challenged civil engineers when sizing the screen for a community’s everyday conditions without causing backups during peak events. The design characteristics of the FlexRake IQ and IQ2 solves this problem.

“We understood that treatment plant operators require real-time responsiveness to deal with changing conditions in the channel,” says Bryce Funchion, mechanical engineer at Duperon. “We looked at the problem and wondered ‘what if the engineer didn’t have to modify their design to accommodate changing conditions? What if the screen itself adapted to them?’ We created the new design to provide an increased safety factor which assures system reliability during both normal flows and worst-case scenario events.”

According to Funchion, Duperon’s original FlexRake is a durable, relatively simple solution with “a low cost of ownership.” By re-imagining the components, the sequence of operation, and the possibility to automatically transform the screen field, the FlexRake IQ and FlexRake IQ2 “improve screening during normal flow while adding responsive features to navigate peak flow conditions without sacrificing the simplicity, ease of operation, and low cost of ownership for which Duperon is known.”

Mark Turpin, Duperon president, believes the FlexRake IQ and FlexRake IQ2 offer real-world solutions for today’s stressed and constantly growing wastewater treatment systems. “We have optimized resiliency by creating more responsiveness in dry and wet weather, maximizing solids removal throughout flow conditions, and taking on the heaviest solids loading events,” he says. “The FlexRake IQ series is designed to provide the greatest range of flexibility over the broadest range of conditions.” 



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