Product Spotlight - Water: May 2020

Product Spotlight - Water: May 2020

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Because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities, ozone is widely used in both drinking and wastewater treatment applications. It can be added at several points throughout the treatment system, such as during preoxidation, intermediate oxidation or final disinfection. Primozone GM-series 2.0 ozone generators combine high ozone capacity, high ozone concentration and high gas pressure ­— all at the same time — providing high-performance ozone generation at a low operating cost.

The units are designed for low energy consumption and a low life-cycle cost. Ozone production capacities range from 0.54 to 5,390 pounds per day.

Built-to-fit generators are designed to meet the exact ozone amounts needed at high ozone concentration up to 20% by weight. A gas pressure of up to 43.5 psig enables efficient ozone dissolution and distribution. The high ozone concentration reduces oxygen consumption by 50%.

An ozone generation system would typically be used for preoxidation, before a sand filter or an active carbon filter. After ozonization, these filters can remove the remaining organic matter, which is an important component of final disinfection. This combination has several benefits, including the removal of organic and inorganic matter; removal of micro-pollutants, such as pesticides; enhancement of the flocculation/coagulation-decantation process; enhanced disinfection and reduction of disinfection byproducts; and odor and taste elimination.

The systems are easy to use, as there is no need for specialized operators. Sealed maintenance-free aluminum reactors require only an annual inspection and no reactor cleaning. Sophisticated controls further reduce energy consumption and vary the dosing automatically according to the ozone needed at any given time. In addition, its modular design enables built-in redundancy, with no need to oversize. A small footprint saves space and enables easy retrofitting. Its EMC-approval certifies that the ozone generator has no electromagnetic fields that interfere with other products or endangers the safety of the operator. The noise level is less than 55 dB.

The GM-series 2.0 is available in eight standard-size ozone generators and a GM on-demand alternative. The GM on-demand is built to fit ozone generators that are based on the Primozone ozone technology and scaled according to customer needs. They are maintenance-free and made from stainless steel and aluminum, with no tubes, hoses or connections that need replacing. 480-421-2400;


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