Fix a leaking valve in minutes

Fix a leaking valve in minutes

Xtreme Shell by Andax

A leaking valve can be a huge problem in a potable water system. Not only can the leak cause damage to surrounding infrastructure, depending on its severity, it could potentially mean shutting the line down while taking hours or even days to make repairs.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. The Xtreme Shell, manufactured by Andax, is a rigid, two-piece shell designed to fully encapsulate a leaking flange, valve, manifold or leak point. It diverts the leak via a drain port and discharge line to a secure containment system, allowing an operator to mitigate an emergency and let them perform any required maintenance at their convenience, even if it’s a year later. It is designed to virtually eliminate the mess, danger of accidents, injuries, ground contamination, and unsafe working conditions around machines and walkways.

“The Xtreme Shell is a great fit for a broad range of applications, in either internal or external pipelines,” says Patrick McAtarian, general manager of Andax. “It allows the technician to encapsulate the leak in minutes, giving him the flexibility of time without having to worry about the repair holding up.”

The Xtreme Shell offers a simple, quick install and is reusable, offering a short- or long-term solution. It is rated for indoor and outdoor use and is UV-resistant and impact-resistant to 20 degrees below zero. It easily handles fluid temperatures up to 200 degrees F and is compatible with oil, petrochemicals, paint, organic fluids and many other liquids.

“The material is extremely durable, which allows the user to install it and forget about it as long as they need to without the risk of the leak recurring,” McAtarian says. “We tell people it can be a temporary or long-term fix. You are set with the fix until you can get back to it.”

It is also a fit for remote locations, as leak monitoring is available as an add-on. The system can send text messages to track leaks and liquid levels, and multiple units can be managed online or via smartphone.

“It provides a cost-effective solution by virtually eliminating the costs of emergency shutdowns and repairs,” McAtarian says. “It helps keep your facility safe and in compliance.” 800-999-1358;


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