Meter with ultra-accuracy

Meter with ultra-accuracy

Intelligent Programmable Pump from Fluid Metering

No one can argue that purifying wastewater isn’t an exact science. It requires the precision metering of fluids, which typically pose unique application challenges for other pump technologies. Fluids metered include sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, caustic soda, soda ash, lime, hydrazine and many more. Application challenges include fluids, which outgas, crystallize, and contain various concentrations of particulates and suspended solids.

The Intelligent Programmable Pump from Fluid Metering is designed for those applications. It combines the company’s precision valveless STH Stepper Pump with an integral programmable driver in a compact design ideal for integration with OEM instrumentation. The driver provides precision servo control of the STH pump’s stepper motor for resonance-free, quite operation.

With five programmable inputs and two outputs, the pump is compatible with multiple programming platforms, including Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi and LabVIEW. Analog 0-5-volt DC, RS-232, and CANopen protocol are supported with an optional EtherCAT communication module available. Designed for analytical and process instrumentation, the pump has a minimum flow rate of 25 uL/min (H00) and a maximum of 240 mL/min (H200). Speed ranges from 10 to 1,200 rpm at 40 psi.

The programmable driver and stepper provide precision control of the CeramPump integral valveless piston pump. CeramPump technology features only one moving part — a sapphire-hard ceramic piston — in contact with fluid. The rotating and reciprocating piston accomplishes both the pumping and valve functions, effectively eliminating check valves present in conventional reciprocating piston and diaphragm pump designs. One complete piston revolution is required for each suction/discharge cycle.

The technology offers easy flow rate adjustment, as moving the pump head position changes the piston stroke length and, in turn, the flow rate. It offers infinite fine flow adjustments between 0 and 100 percent flow rate, and a flow rate indicator provides for accurate and simple linear calibration. The flow rate can be changed while the pump is operating or at rest.

Adjustments are made by turning the flow control knob, which moves the flow rate indicator along a fixed 20-unit scale that’s linearly calibrated “10-0-10.” The “10” equals 100 percent flow rate in that direction, and “0” equals zero flow. To improve the fine adjustment of the flow rates on pumps, an optional Q485 dial indicator kit provides for 1,000 discrete settings. 800-223-3388;


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