Alerts in an instant

Alerts in an instant
Express II from Sensaphone

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No operator likes an unexpected early morning wake-up call. But when millions of dollars worth of infrastructure is on the line, they’re sure to appreciate it.

The Express II system from Sensaphone remotely monitors water and wastewater facilities to identify changes in environmental or equipment conditions. When the system identifies a potential problem, it immediately alerts up to 48 people with custom phone calls. This instant notification of condition changes allows personnel to take fast corrective action and address a potentially costly situation.

“We have customers who bought an Express II over 10 years ago that call for technical support and tell us that the device has become an integral part of their operation,” says Dave Breisacher, marketing and creative director for Sensaphone. “It’s saved them from disaster on multiple occasions. They don’t look forward to getting woken up by the Sensaphone at 3 a.m., but they appreciate when they do.”

The system easily integrates with existing floats, pump alarm outputs and level transducers. Facility operators can use the system to monitor the status of pumps, tank levels, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon dioxide and power. The system can be used in operations that require many monitoring points or are considering future growth, because it is expandable to include up to 40 channels.

“It comes standard with the ability to accept eight inputs and one output, but additional input cards can be purchased that will expand the accepted inputs to 32 and outputs to eight,” says Breisacher. “With the ability to have so many input and relay outputs, the device may be programmed to switch outputs automatically on alarm or manually via keyboard or phone.”

The internal rechargeable battery backup provides 12 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of a power outage. Each unit is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from moisture, dirt and chemicals commonly found in water treatment environments. The LCD window displays continuous status information and provides keypad programming instructions for easy setup. According to Breisacher, the device’s reliability has made it a favorite among operators.

“It’s very popular in water/wastewater applications because it is reliable, offers the ability to monitor so many inputs for the price, and the NEMA 4X enclosure allows it to be placed in environments that are often unfriendly to electronics that are so common in these applications,” he says. “They’re reliable and they just keep working.” 877/373-2700,


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