Popular belt filter press shrunken for smaller communities

Popular belt filter press shrunken for smaller communities
0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press from Bright Technologies

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For small communities, wastewater treatment plant space is often at a premium. For those communities, solids hauling and disposal costs can also be a detriment to the bottom line. Thankfully, Bright Technologies has taken the science behind its popular belt filter press and shrunk it, making it an ideal fit for tight areas and small communities.

The Bright Technologies 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press features stainless steel frame and roller construction, and radius wedge zone and wing roller for high-end sludge dewatering performance. According to Stuart Sebright, general manager for Bright Technologies, the unit is a fit for companies looking to save space and money.

“This unit is meant to provide sludge dewatering for small water and wastewater treatment plants that are transitioning away from drying beds or land application,” he says. “It can be used to dewater a wastewater plant’s aerobic or anaerobic sludge, or a water plant’s alum or sediment (filter backwash) slurries.”

Fully integrated components include a sludge pump, polymer system and wash water booster pump. Options include a biosolids flowmeter, air compressor and discharge conveyors. Its stainless steel frame and roller construction is designed to be more durable than galvanized frames and coated steel rollers. The compact walk-around skid design can be utilized in as little as a 20- by 10-foot floor area, a feature Sebright says customers were asking for.

“We identified a need for a small, quality-manufactured but inexpensive-design belt filter press with a small footprint,” he says. “It can be used for sludge disposal or beneficial reuse of biosolids or mineral slurries such as composting or land application, and is a viable all-weather dewatering alternative to drying beds, which are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and take a lot of space in small plants.”

The unit’s Boerger rotary lobe sludge pump has a maintain-in-place design, offering ease of maintenance. A Gould’s Water Technology belt wash booster pump can handle small solids and operate with recycled water from the process. Allen Bradley controls and a 10-inch touch screen and PLC with Ethernet integrate the components to make an operator-friendly design that is intuitive to operate. Cake solids of up to 35 percent solids can be achieved with septage and grease trap slurries. Production rates of 25 to 50 gpm (depending on sludge type) make it ideal for small applications or when a processor has outgrown dewatering containers. Design work began in May 2016, with the first complete skid system displayed at the 2017 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show. 800/253-0532; www.brightbeltpress.com


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