B-frame circuit breaker offers smaller footprint, installation flexibility

B-frame circuit breaker offers smaller footprint, installation flexibility
PowerPact B from Schneider Electric

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Water system operators are constantly on the lookout for ways to add efficiency and reduce overall footprint. The PowerPact B thermal-magnetic-type circuit breaker from Schneider Electric accomplishes that, offering power protection in a compact size with easy installation.

The breaker supersedes the popular Square D FA circuit breaker used in multiple water and wastewater applications for circuit protection. It has 25 percent more capacity and takes up less space in electrical equipment. Common water applications include control panel disconnects and multi-motor feeder circuit protection in remote pumping panels, in treatment plant motor control center feeder circuit units (otherwise known as “buckets”) and inside Square D I-Line power distribution panels.

“Its smaller footprint not only saves space and costs, it is essential when upsizing infrastructure in existing facilities where space is limited,” says Ross Marostica, product manager for Schneider Electric. “For example, it is often necessary to upsize pumps, therefore increasing power requirements, but there may not be enough space to replace existing electrical gear to meet the load requirements. This breaker allows you to provide for higher power requirements within existing spaces.”  

The breaker uses economical, thermal magnetic sensing elements in each of the various one-, two-, three- and four-pole construction types. A wide variety of external mechanical operators for control panel applications complement field-installable electrical accessories that let customers easily configure the product to their specific needs. The EverLink creep-compensating lug spring-based power terminal system ensures a lasting connection by mitigating the loosening effects of heat cycling or vibration. EverLink lugs are even offered with optional built-in control wire terminals.

“It was time to give our customers more flexibility,” says Marostica about the new circuit breaker. “And with global challenges of counterfeiting, safe electrical infrastructure and support logistics, we were also able to design in features to help eliminate some of these issues.”

To make functionality even more convenient, each breaker includes a QR code that provides access to online product information, customer care center contact info, a serial number for tracking, and an embedded anti-counterfeit system.

“The importance of a circuit breaker in the water industry is critical, as it’s your last line of defense when everything else does not catch an electrical failure,” says Marostica. “It is an unsung hero, waiting a decade to do its job in fractions of a second, all to protect from even greater issues that could arise from an electrical fault. That’s why quality and reliability is the most important feature in a new circuit breaker design.” 888/778-2733; www.schneider-electric.us


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