Technology Investment: What is R2E2 Solids Handling?

It might sound like a Star Wars malapropism, but R2E2 is actually the name of the new wastewater recovery and reuse system under construction at NEW Water in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Find out how this $169 million upgrade is expected so save the utility millions each year. Tpomag.com/featured

It’s Gold, Baby!: Operations Superstars Win Big

An all-star operations team shares what it was like to compete at the Open German Championship in Wastewater Technology, held June 1-4. Turns out things aren’t so different worldwide when it comes to wastewater. Find out how the challenge differed from its American counterpart, and see where the U.S. team excelled. Tpomag.com/featured


“There’s a lot more to public education than just visiting school children. Through the years, I’ve done all I can to create an image of professionalism in our industry.”

Jeff Kalmes, 3 Positively Awesome Public Education ideas tpomag.com/featured

That Dangerous H2S: It’s More than a Rotten Egg Smell

“What is that rotten egg smell?” If you’re a wastewater operator, you get that question a lot from plant visitors or maybe just from curious friends and family. However, H2S is more than an offensive odor; it’s a deadly gas that can be serious for wastewater and collections workers. Find out if you’re taking the proper precautions. Tpomag.com/featured



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