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Operator Bartenders: The Ever-Trendy Tap-Water Bar

At the Water Bar in Minneapolis, operators are bartenders and tap water is the beverage of choice. Find out how this unique experience educates the public about local water-quality issues. The collaborative art project is sparking conversations about local water and the importance of municipal treatment plants. Tpomag.com/featured


“We need to move away from pointing fingers at each other and start pointing fingers at solutions.”

- Rep. Reid Ribble Hopes to ‘Save the Bay’ Through Phosphorus Reduction tpomag.com/featured

The Plastics Problem: What’s the Deal with Microbeads?

Plastics. They’re in our waters, and that’s a huge problem. In this online exclusive, you’ll learn more about microbeads and find out whether they’re slipping through wastewater treatment facilities. Also, you’ll get an update on how new legislation might change the plastic-pollutant landscape. Tpomag.com/featured

Sewer Cum Laude: Congrats, Wastewater U Graduate!

Educating the public and key stakeholders is an important part of any utility’s public relations program. At Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, stakeholders can take a crash course in wastewater management through a new program affectionately named “Sewer U.” Find out what the course covers and how it’s changing public perception. Tpomag.com/featured



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