Franklin Miller Grinders Handle High Flows and Large Solids

Franklin Miller Grinders Handle High Flows and Large Solids
Taskmaster Titan TM20000 Series from Franklin Miller

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The Taskmaster Titan TM20000 Series of grinders from Franklin Miller feature a single- or twin-shaft, counter-rotating cutter design. One cutting stack intermeshes with a second, larger-diameter stack to rip, tear and shred solids in liquid flow to fine particles so they can easily be processed by pumps and other equipment.

“The idea of the large cutter is it allows greater flow to pass through and it can grab larger objects by the intermeshing of the cutters and handle it effectively,” says Bill Galanty, president, Franklin Miller. “The TM20000 is the largest in the series. Each unit handles 5.5 mgd, which is 8,000 gpm. It’s also configured in a duplex version for double the volume.”

The grinder has an intrinsically high-flow cutting chamber with an inlet opening that doesn’t rely on auxiliary diverting screens for flow capacity.

“It’s relatively simple in design with low maintenance,” he says. “You can put it in and pretty much forget about it. Even the bearings are sealed for life. The whole system together is what makes it really reliable.”

The grinder has an automatic reversing control system that backs up if debris becomes caught and will take three or four passes at an object before shutting down. “If something gets lodged in there, like a hammer or piece of metal, the controller is going to stop and alert the operator through an audible alarm or SCADA master control that there’s something that needs to be attended to,” Galanty says.

The grinder is available with TEFC, XP as well as FMI’s explosion-proof, submersible motors. Guide rails and channel frames allow for easy installation, even in deep wet-wells, eliminating the need to enter a confined space. Other options include hydraulic drives and shaft extension.

“The grinder handles a lot of flow without requiring a lot of power,” Galanty says. “It will handle most wastewater solids found in a typical wastewater stream: bags, plastics, feminine products, flushable wipes. Wipes are a big problem these days that these machines solve.”

The TM20000 Series grinder is available in 10 models (five heights) with single, tandem and duplex versions in standard iron and steel, as well as 316 stainless steel. Standard units are 21 1/2 inches wide and up to 67 inches tall. Duplex versions are 34 inches wide and up to 67 inches tall.

The Taskmaster can be used either in the headworks to protect downstream equipment — pumps, clarifiers, digesters from stringy materials and sharp objects that can puncture filter presses — or in a wet well in a manhole to protect the submersible pumps. 800/932-0599;


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