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Overheard Online

“Ultimately, the Flint situation might be a cautionary tale for utilities about the importance of consumer-utility interaction and the free flow of information.”

Worried Customers? Here’s How to Discuss Lead Contamination Tpomag.com/featured

Lead Dilemma: To Treat or Replace?

It’s a tough question: replace all of the lead pipe in your drinking water system or add corrosion-control chemicals at the plant to prevent lead from leaching into the water supply. Find out how six different utilities have tackled the problem in this in-depth look at the country’s hottest water-quality question. Tpomag.com/featured

Surprise Visits: How to Survive an Audit

So you’re not a fan of surprises, huh? Then you’re probably not a fan of surprise audits at your treatment plant, either. In this online exclusive, find out how to take the stress out of those unexpected visits from governing agencies. It’s just a matter of staying organized. Tpomag.com/featured

Game Night: Playing With Drought

Serious topics sometimes require a slightly light-hearted approach. California Water Crisis — a new board game created by Alfred Twu — tackles the tough topics of water supply, population growth, special interest groups and more. Find out more about this table topic game in this online exclusive article. Tpomag.com/featured


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