Portable Crane Rolls Through Doorways, Lifts Up To 2,400 Pounds

Portable Crane Rolls Through Doorways, Lifts Up To 2,400 Pounds
Portable crane from EzRig Crane

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The portable crane from EzRig Crane is designed to lift heavy loads from unique positions and hard-to-get-at locations. It has a push-button 110-volt electric winch (220 volt available) with 135 feet of 1/4-inch stainless steel aircraft grade cable that can lift or lower 2,400 pounds. Powder coated in safety orange, the crane has a vertical reach of 19 feet and can lower equipment up to 13 stories. A jib boom enables the lift length to be extended 4 feet while reducing load capacity.

The mini-crane rides on 8-inch-diameter polyurethane locking caster wheels and can fit through 3-foot doors and standard elevator openings.

“You don’t have to take the door off the hinges,” says Jim Owens, president, EzRig Crane. “You can just roll the crane through. It’ll collapse down and roll through.”

Water treatment plant applications include removal or installation of deep well pumps, equipment buried underground in vaults or in places where equipment is hard to reach, such as a motor in a bank of pumps.  

“The boom extends manually, it telescopes out,” Owens says. “It’s a tube inside of a tube with cross pins. You extend the boom out to whatever length you want. There are three positions (19, 16 and 13 feet) you can select from. A load chart on the side of the boom dictates what loads you can lift and at what extension and degree of angle when it’s in operation.”

The crane easily disassembles and reassembles when moving from one level to another.

“Two men can do it in an hour,” Owens says.

Weighing 1,050 pounds when assembled, the crane fits fully assembled into a 1/2-ton or 3/4-ton pickup with the tailgate down, or a 1-ton cube van with an inch or two to spare at the sliding door. Assembled and folded, the crane is 118 inches long, 34 inches wide and 64 inches tall. When in use, the legs extend out 10 feet. 844/395-4387; www.ezrigcrane.com.


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