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Name Game: The Making of a Biosolids Moniker

How do you get the public excited about biosolids? In Mechanicsburg, Pa., a naming contest asked residents to put on their thinking caps and drum up a catchy name for Class A biosolids. Find out how this public relations effort earned support from the community, and then read more about why the borough made the switch from Class B to Class A biosolids. tpomag.com/featured

Overheard Online

Until 1974, uniform standards for tap water did not exist. Sure, many cities and municipalities had good water … but the Safe Drinking Water Act created standards for contaminants that were enforceable.

-Here’s to 40 Years of Safe Drinking Water, tpomag.com/featured

Test Prep: 5 Tips for Acing Math

Do you go weak in the knees when encountering a math question? Rid yourself of those mental blocks with these five tips for mastering wastewater math exam questions. With just a few test-taking strategies — from reading questions thoroughly to using diagrams — you’ll find yourself confident enough to master any operator exam. tpomag.com/featured

Weather Oddity: What the Heck is Frazil Ice?

This cold-weather phenomenon requires a particular set of variables: a clear night, a slight offshore wind and plunging temperatures. Learn why it can mean frazzled nerves for managers of surface water systems and disaster for water system intakes. You’ll also find out how some municipalities — especially those along the Great Lakes — have learned to deal with the challenge. tpomag.com/featured


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