Cyclonic Spray Scrubber Eliminates Odors, Pollutants, Reduces Maintenance

Cyclonic Spray Scrubber Eliminates Odors, Pollutants, Reduces Maintenance
Series 9000 preformed spray scrubber from Bionomic Industries

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The Series 9000 preformed spray scrubber from Bionomic Industries is designed to simultaneously remove odor compounds and particulate from dryers, digesters and other processing operations.

The unit features an ultra-fine droplet scrubbing liquid spray zone within a confined involute section that eliminates any bypass of untreated gas. The scrubber meets PM 2.5 and PM 10 regulations for particulate removal and can achieve greater than 99 efficiency on acid gases and odorous organosulfur compounds. The Series 9000 is available in sizes to handle gas volumes from 1,000 through 75,000 cfm.

“Besides being quicker, it’s a much more efficient reaction,” says John Enhoffer, president of Bionomic Industries.

Contaminated gas enters a long, narrow involute and is horizontally accelerated through a concentrated zone of sheared reverse jet spray. Hydraulically air-atomized droplets of scrubbing liquid collide with the oncoming gas and particulate. The generated fine mist and chemical reagent scrubs solid particulate and neutralizes gaseous pollutants.

The particulate-contained droplets with reacted gaseous compounds collect in the final section of the involute and separate from the gas stream before entering the cyclonic removal section. Spinning forces separate the remaining pollution droplets from the gas, which exits the top of the unit while the droplets collect on the scrubber wall and drain to the bottom sump.

The system, because of its open design, provides easy access to components and reduces downtime for maintenance.

“Basically, all you have are spray nozzles in the involute section, which you might change every three to four years,” Enhoffer says. “Unlike other technology, you don’t have any of the internal components that require servicing. It also saves on energy costs because you don’t have recirculation pumps.” 800/311-6767;


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