No Batteries To Change, Solar-Powered Flowmeter Works For Days Without Sun

No Batteries To Change, Solar-Powered Flowmeter Works For Days Without Sun
Enduro Series EF12 solar-powered flowmeter from Spire Metering Technology

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The Enduro Series EF12 solar-powered ultrasonic flowmeter from Spire Metering Technology is designed for remote areas where electrical power is not available.

The 6-pound, 17-inch by 17-inch by 1-inch solar panel is rated at 20 watts and has a built-in 17AH rechargeable battery and charging circuit that’s able to maintain seven days of operation without sun. No other power supply is needed. The mono-crystalline panel is designed to operate in 100 percent humidity and temperatures from -40 to 176 degrees F.

All components, except the solar panel and transducers, are housed in a 12-inch by 10-inch by 4-inch weather-proof NEMA/UL 50 Type 4X enclosure.

The solid state, maintenance-free flowmeter has no moving parts to wear out. Data is recorded to a flash memory stick that can save the last 512 daily net flow values and the last 128 monthly net flow values.

Based on ultrasonic transit-time technology, the meter is able to conduct accurate flow measurement on a closed pipe carrying pure liquids or liquids with some suspended solids.

“In terms of the ultrasonic capabilities, there is no maintenance or moving parts that you might have in other types of meters,” says Gerry Harrington, director of sales and marketing for Spire Metering Technology. “From a standpoint of long-term use, you do not have any maintenance expenses and the accuracy remains stable over time.”

The flowmeter can be equipped with clamp-on or wetted (insertion or flow-cell) type transducers.

A tracking mechanism analyzes signal quality and automatically tunes the system for optimal performance.

The optional GSM/GPRS modem can be connected to an RS-485 port, enabling flow and alarm information (leakage, no flow) detected by the meter to be transmitted to cellphones or a central office. The meter can also be programmed or controlled remotely from the office. 888/738-0188;


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