Aeration float folds for deployment through reservoir manway

Aeration float folds for deployment through reservoir manway
FlexiFloat from Aqua-Aerobic Systems

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The FlexiFloat self-deploying segmented float from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is designed to replace the conventional float on an Aqua-Jet surface aerator or AquaDDM mixer for deployment through limited-access openings, primarily in covered water reservoirs. The float folds into a cylindrical shape approximately 24, 27 and 33 inches in diameter (small, medium and large models).

The float unfolds as it meets the surface water, ready for the power unit to be installed. Models can be fitted with 2, 7.5 and 15 hp motors and weigh approximately 325, 580 and 1,000 pounds (motor and float). The small model float is approximately 4 feet long when folded and unfolds into an X-figure, approximately 9 feet across.

“Many water treatment plants are covered reservoirs that have manways to get in and out of the tank,” says Jim Knight, inventor of the FlexiFloat technology. “One of the challenging things that has come up, with drinking water reservoirs in particular, is the disinfection byproduct trihalomethane [THM].” THMs are formed when natural organic material in drinking water is treated with chlorine. High levels of THMs represent a potential health risk and are limited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at 80 parts per billion. One way to remove them from water is through aeration.

“Reservoirs were built long before THMs became an issue,” Knight says. “They never thought they needed to lower something from an equipment standpoint through the hatch. This is a way to retrofit those drinking water reservoirs to bring them up to today’s standards for removing disinfection byproducts.”

The float and power unit can be used to aerate tanks from 100,000 to approximately 8 million gallons in size. 800/940-5008;


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