High-Capacity UV System Matches Lamp Output To Disinfection Needs

High-Capacity UV System Matches Lamp Output To Disinfection Needs
Aquaray HiCAP from Ozonia North America

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The Aquaray HiCAP ultraviolet disinfection system from Ozonia North America is designed for high capacity wastewater treatment plants (10 mgd and larger) requiring a reduced footprint and advanced controls. The vertical lamp system (VLS) features 1,000 watt, amalgam UV lamps and three module sizes for increased flexibility.

"The HiCAP is unique because it provides engineers and designers several options," says Christopher Huynh, market manager for Ozonia."Our modules have increments of 12, 24 and 36 lamps. This allows the system to be sized very accurately to the actual plant flow conditions, so you save on the footprint as well as the number of UV lamps."

"One thing our customers really like about the vertical lamp systems is they provide easy access to the lamps and ballast without having to remove the module," he says. "The components can all be easily removed without any special tools while the module is inside the channel."

Staggered arrays eliminate short circuiting and low UV intensity zones. “The labyrinth of lamps ensures all parts of the flow and any particular microorganism always comes into contact with a lamp in a high UV intensity area,” Huynh says. “If an organism were to go through a low intensity zone around a lamp, in the gap between the lamps there’s always another lamp to pick up the slack. Additionally, baffles direct water from the outer edges of the lamp array toward the center where there’s the least probability of having low UV intensity.”

The optional automatic bank lifting system (ABLS) enables operators to remove UV banks from the channel with the press of a button, eliminating the need for an overhead crane when performing maintenance or winter storage.

Ozonia’s Opti-Dim, row-by-row, flow-pacing and lamp dimming technology saves energy by reducing the total number of lamps in operation. System efficiency is further optimized by dimming lamps. An intuitive touch-screen human machine interface (HMI) provides lamp and power tracking while Ethernet connections enable remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

“Opti-Dim technology controls the number of lamps used and their output, depending on operating conditions,” Huynh says. “So when the PLC sees any change in UV transmittance, the flow rate, UV intensity — or any other parameter that’s sent to the plant PLC — the system automatically turns on or off rows of lamps. Secondly, it will dim the lamps to ensure you’re always meeting the exact UV dose. As a result, there’s very little under-dosing or over-dosing; energy consumption is optimized based on real-time plant conditions.”

The Aquaray HiCAP system can be used in new construction as well as retrofitted into existing chlorine contact basins. 201/676-2525; www.ozonia.com.


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