Microfiber media designed to meet stringent treatment requirements

Microfiber media designed to meet stringent treatment requirements
OptiFiber PES-14 from Aqua-Aerobic Systems

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OptiFiber PES-14 microfiber pile cloth filtration media from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is engineered to improve tertiary effluent quality to meet stringent wastewater treatment requirements. Typical effluent quality is less than 1.0 NTU and less than 3.0 mg/L TSS, with phosphorus reduction to 0.1 mg/L or less.

“The microfiber basically gives filtration capacity equivalent to a 3- to 5-micron filtration device,” says James Horton, director of product management for Aqua-Aerobic Systems. “We’re trying to get very close to nondetect solids with a tertiary filtration device. Typically, with a sand filter or the more traditional cloth, you would be looking to achieve 5 mg/L of solids. So we’re moving down to the next level of filtration.

“The microfiber allows more fibers per square inch, increasing the potential for particle capture,” Horton says. “What we’re targeting with microfiber is lower level phosphorous applications: 0.075, 0.1 levels of total phosphorous out of the treatment plant. So, even moving from 5 mg/L, which is your typical cursory effluent, down to 2 or 3 mg/L might not seem like much, but when you’re dealing with these very low levels of phosphorus, it’s absolutely critical.

“Our position is, yes, you can achieve lower level phosphorus with an 8- to 10-micron cloth, sand or screen; but if you can, why not move to something that has a 3- to 5-micron nominal aperture and use less chemical and take away some of the onus that falls upon the operations team by taking advantage of that additional solids removal?”

The microfiber media can be used for fine polishing applications. It is approved by the California Department of Public Health for use in high water-quality wastewater reuse and designed for use with AquaDisk, AquaMiniDisk, AquaDrum, AquaDiamond and Aqua MegaDisk filters in retrofits or new plant construction.

The expandable Aqua MegaDisk, Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ newest configuration, is designed specifically for large, land-locked applications. Each disk is approximately 10 feet in diameter.

During filtration, influent enters the filter unit and moves through the completely submerged, vertically mounted media. Solids are captured on the outside of the media while clear effluent enters the center tube and is directed to the effluent weir.

In the backwash mode, the submerged cloth disks rotate at one revolution per minute. Backwash shoes make firm contact with the media and solids are removed by vacuum pressure with a backwash pump.

Media lifespan is directly proportional to the solids loading on the filter, Horton says. “Typically what we see for an average performing clarifier with 15 to 25 mg/L of solids is a life of between five and 10 years.” 815/654-2501; www.aqua-aerobic.com.


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