Find other useful and timely information on the TPO website

Find other useful and timely information on the TPO website
Energy Efficiency Upgrades Earn Connecticut Wastewater Treatment Facility Three Awards

TPO aims to bring you stories that help you and your plant perform better. Now we do more of the same at There you’ll find stories that appear only online — and that are current, because they’re not subject to the lead times involved in the print magazine. Here are a few online exclusives recommended by the TPO editorial team:

How to Take Advantage of Infographics

Are you looking for a way to get a message to the public about your utility? Or about the services you provide? Don’t forget the old saying — “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Infographics can combine the best of a bright, visual medium and the words it takes to convey a complex message. They’re adaptable to the digital age, but they’re still relevant to traditional ink-and-paper items like brochures, posters and flyers.

CH2M HILL Partners on $80 Million Contract for Biosolids Upgrades in San Francisco

CH2M HILL, as part of a team with Brown and Caldwell, won an $80 million contract with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to provide planning and engineering for the Southeast Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project, a $1.5 billion investment that will provide critical upgrades for San Francisco’s wastewater system. The project will replace all biosolids processes at San Francisco’s Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant.

The Importance of Operator Safety Training

As a licensed operator, you know your primary task is protecting the public. Keeping plant and system personnel safe is equally important. Many tasks these workers perform can be hazardous. Each plant should have its own written safety and health program for operator training, and plant safety officers should be the frontline agents for worker safety in a municipality.

Is it time to get (a little) political?

Do you know who your State Senate, State Assembly, U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators are? Have you ever written them a letter or sent them an email? Have they been to your facility? Do they know you exist? Remember, the folks in the statehouse and in Congress also make decisions that affect what you do, where your money comes from, and the standards your effluent has to meet. Getting close to elected representatives helps further the aims of The Fire Chief Project: Raising clean-water operators to the status of the fire chief, and making kids grow up wanting to be clean-water operators.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Earn Connecticut Wastewater Treatment  Facility Three Awards

Wastewater treatment facilities are big electricity users. The Town of Glastonbury, Conn., made energy efficiency a big priority in upgrading its plant. The town received three Power of Change Awards, including Top Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, from the governor’s office. “The award recognizes the hard work by our team on a daily basis to make our plant as efficient as possible,” says Mike Bisi, the town’s superintendent of sanitation.


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