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Madison Water Utility Takes Product on the Road With Water Wagon

Water System Operator aims to bring stories that help you and your plant perform better. Now we do more of the same at There you’ll find stories that appear only online — and that are current, because they’re not subject to the lead times involved in the print magazine. Here are a few online exclusives recommended by the WSO editorial team:

Overcoming Barriers to Water Innovation

Making a process better is nothing new, but often it faces resistance. New technology is scrutinized, questioned, and even purposefully avoided until advocates break the barrier of skepticism. The AWWA and other organizations aim to change that. The AWWA has formed a committee of experts and concerned citizens to identify, analyze and overcome the chief obstacles to innovation. They started by identifying the top five barriers and then elected subcommittee chairs to oversee each area.

Madison Water Utility Takes Product on the Road With Water Wagon

The Madison (Wis.) Water Utility reckoned that delivering water in an old-fashioned cart would help promote the value of its product. The Water Wagon, which delivers ice-cold water to attendees at major events, began with a brainstorming session headed by engineer Kelly Miess in 2011. “We were watching people buying bottled water at a price almost 5,000 times the cost of tap water,” says Amy Barrilleaux, public information officer. “This was our chance to compete head-to-head with bottled water by offering residents a free taste of our own quality water, right from the Madison Aquifer.”

Iowa Cities Track, Wage War On High Nitrate Levels in Drinking Water

It took nearly three months and $525,000, but Des Moines Water Works prevailed over record-setting nitrate levels in the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers, two primary water sources. The 85-day battle to return to levels considered safe by the U.S. EPA raised issues ranging from drought to land management and even touched Cedar Rapids. The EPA limits nitrate to 10 mg/L for drinking water. At one point last summer, Des Moines saw record levels at 18.62 mg/L.

3 Storage Tank Components to Consider on Your Next Plant Upgrade

Are your tank components beginning to show their age? It might be time to consider an upgrade. Assuming a limited budget, which three components should you choose? There are numerous factors to consider. What you choose depends on where you draw your water — surface sources or aquifers — as well as plant size and location. Rick Garloff of Tidewater Utilities in Delaware, says a welded storage tank, mixing system and geodesic dome would make his list, while Rob Gray of Chester (Pa.) Water Authority, would consider a roof hatch, mixing system and welded storage tank.


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