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July Product News
Airmaster Turbo X-Treme aerator

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WAGO IO-Link Master module

The 750-675 4-Channel IO-Link Master module from WAGO Corp. simplifies integration, configuration and management of intelligent sensors and actuators. The network-based system eliminates configuration of field devices via handheld units and reduces device wiring to three conductors, minimizing automation footprint, engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs. 800/346-7245; www.wago.us.


Witte vibration isolators

Vibration isolators from The Witte Company Inc. are available on vibrating fluid bed dryers, coolers, screeners, pellet classifiers and other machinery. The isolators permit installation on mezzanines, platforms, upper floors, in cleanrooms, and other sensitive locations by absorbing vibrations at the source and inhibiting their transmission through the building, enabling processing lines to be expanded or reconfigured and available space to be maximized. 908/689-6500; www.witte.com.


KROHNE liquids, solids level meter

The OPTIFLEX 1100C level meter from KROHNE Inc. measures liquids and solids in non-explosive environments. The meter is two-wire, loop-powered and available with a standard 20-meter cable or segmented coaxial probe for liquids and a 10-meter cable probe for solids. All probes can be shortened on site. The meter is available with an integrated display and keyboard in the cover, eliminating the need to open the housing cover for configuration. A blind version also is available. Multiple blind versions can be configured on site using a single Human-Machine Interface service tool. 800/356-9464; www.us.krohne.com.


RDP signal conditioner

The E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electrosense can be used in either a stand-alone or panel-mounted mode. Local display of transducer values from a variety of sources, including displacement, pressure, load and torque, can be incorporated into control panels using the conditioner. The unit has an analog output (voltage or current) that can be connected to a suitable input on a PLC and provides serial communication via RS232 or RS485. Settings can be password protected and, if required, the panel can be disabled to prevent upsetting operation. 800/334-5838; www.rdpe.com.


Airmaster Turbo X-Treme aerator

The 50 hp Turbo X-Treme Magnum floating/surface high-efficiency aerator from Airmaster Aerator pumps up to 12.5 mgd. The unit has a turbo blower and double-sided impeller for high-capacity water movement and maximum aeration and mixing. Made of stainless steel, the aerator is built for long-term operation. A chemical injection port for adding enzymes and de-foamers is available. 888/813-3680; www.airmaster aerator.com.


FCI ST100 air/gas flowmeter

The ST100 Series thermal mass air/gas flowmeter from Fluid Components International has a remote-mount transmitter with optional digital display and can be mounted up to 1,000 feet from the flow sensor using interconnecting cable. The meter is available with 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays or digital bus communications. 800/854-1993; www.fluidcomponents.com.


Thermo Fisher water sample collection containers

Thermo Scientific Sterilin water sampling bottles from Thermo Fisher Scientific protect samples against contamination and other damage after collection. Designed for either chlorinated or non-chlorinated water sampling, bottles are available in square and rectangular designs. The over-cap shape reduces the risk of contamination as well as bottle neck damage that can occur during transit. Tamper-evident seals reduce the need for retesting. Square bottles are available in 500 mL and 1,000 mL sizes. Rectangular bottles are available in 350 mL and 500 mL capacities. 800/637-3739; www.thermo.com.


Parkson Aqua Guard UltraClean screen

The Aqua Guard UltraClean water and wastewater treatment plant screen from Parkson Corp. improves capture rate and provides easier maintenance over previous designs. The screen can be used with new systems and retrofitted to existing systems. 888/727-5766; www.parkson.com.


Carboline Polyclad 975 epoxy coating

Polyclad 975 100-percent solids epoxy pipeline coating from Carboline is made to protect buried steel and ductile iron pipeline exteriors, girth welds or tie-ins. The coating can be applied by spray (plural airless or dual cartridge), while companion product Polyclad 975 H can be hand applied by brush or roller. The coating is compatible with FBE, coal tar, tape systems and cathodic protection. 800/848-4645; www.carboline.com.


Anue odor eliminator

The FORSe 5 series from Anue Water Technologies is a range of systems that target and eliminate odor and corrosion at the source in collection systems. Using microprocessor control, the systems produce oxygen and ozone on demand and infuse the treatment into a sidestream that is then returned to the main, untreated flow. The process is used to treat force mains, lift stations or combinations of the two. It offers low cost of ownership, reduced sulfide concentrations and increased dissolved oxygen, according to the manufacturer. 760/476-9090; www.anuewater.com.


Roxtec cable, pipe sealing modules

BG (bonding and grounding) rubber sealing modules for cables and pipes from Roxtec feature a center core and removable black and blue layers for adaptability to different sizes of cable and pipes that simplify installation and logistics. Designed to seal large quantities of metal clad or armored cables in minimal space, a single module can seal a cable or pipe of different diameters by removing layers from the module halves. The modules, used with a frame and compression unit, provide a seal that protects against water, fire, gas, pressure, sand, pests, dust and dirt, while ensuring a certified bonded or grounded termination. The seals also protect against damage from pull-out, blast load, vibrations, noise and electromagnetic interference. 800/520-4769; www.roxtec.com.


Hach Biogas Titration Manager

The Biogas Titration Manager from Hach Co., designed for monitoring biogas production, features three pre-programmed methods and has seven free spots for user-defined methods, such as acidity, chloride and hardness. The system provides real-time on-site analysis, dedicated FOS/TAC application package and a library of biogas methods. 800/227-4224; www.hach.com.


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