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June Product News
Bel-Art wire rack labels

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Hayward GF-PP basket strainers

GF-PP (glass-filled polypropylene) SB Series basket strainers from Hayward Flow Control are available in sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches with true union threaded or flanged end connections. They have a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi and service temperature of 240 degrees F. Features include UV resistance, FPM or EPDM O-rings and seals, inline or loop connections, external cover threads, integral flat mounting bases, 1/32-inch perforation baskets for 1/2- to 1-inch sizes and 1/8-inch perforations for 1 1/4- to 4-inch sizes. 888/429-4635; www.haywardflow control.com.


Neptune hydraulic metering pumps

The 500-D Series of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. feature EZE-CLEAN valve cartridges that can be removed from the pump head without disturbing piping and Variable Oil bypass stroke adjustment for improved valve performance. Other standard features include double ball-check valves, internal relief valve and hydraulically balanced Teflon diaphragm for extended life. Options include automatic flow rate adjustment using an electronic stroke controller and variable-frequency drives. 215/699-8700; www.neptune1.com.


KROHNE chlorine measuring system

The OPTISENS AAM 1100 preassembled and tested chlorine measuring system from KROHNE features a membrane-free sensor and automated cleaning for low maintenance. Integrated temperature compensation and flow control maintains the integrity of the chlorine signals under all ambient and process conditions. Optional pH compensation for fluctuating pH values above 7.5 is available. 800/356-9464; www.krohne.com.


Opto 22 temperature sensing module

The SNAP-AIRTD-iK, two-channel, isolated analog input module from Opto 22 is made for use with 1,000 ohm platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The module has a nominal input temperature range of -328 to 1,562 degrees F and input range of 0-4,000 ohms. Used primarily with RTD probes to provide temperature inputs, the module can be used for making high-resolution resistance measurements. 800/321-6786; www.opto22.com.


SEL 24-port Ethernet switch

The SEL-2730M managed 24-port Ethernet switch from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. is built for harsh environments and supports high-speed control, real-time automation and SCADA traffic. The switch withstands vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, electrostatic discharge and extreme temperatures. 509/332-1890; www.selinc.com.


Siemens monitor/control system

The Link2Site cellular-based monitoring and control system from Siemens Water Technologies lets users control, monitor and enhance lift station equipment and facilities. The system is modular and easy to configure and install. It is available with flexible service plans to meet system needs. 800/875-7873; www.siemens.com/water.


Sensorex polycarbonate pH/ORP sensors

S150C and S151C-ORP polycarbonate body 12 mm pH/ORP electrodes from Sensorex can be used with any pH or ORP meter. User-friendly and maintenance-free, they are shipped in a soaker bottle for immediate use. The S150C has a measurement range of 0-14 pH. The S151C-ORP has a measurement range of ±1,999 mV for ORP and offers a pH response rate of greater than 90 percent in one second. The electrode operates up to a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F and maximum pressure of 50 psig. 714/895-4344; www.sensorex.com.


Industrial Scientific multi-gas detector

The Ventis LS multi-gas detector from Industrial Scientific Corp. uses Wi-Fi and location-based technologies to remotely monitor workers in potentially hazardous environments. The system can detect up to four gases, including H2S, O2, LEL, CO, SO2 and NO2. In potentially hazardous conditions, the device alerts users through audible, visual and vibrating alarms. Gas level information is transmitted over a wireless network using the device’s integrated Wi-Fi tag and sent to a control room. A separate alert would be sent if lack of motion is detected or if the detector’s panic button is activated. 800/338-3287; www.indsci.com.


IVC Longwatch software version 5.4

Longwatch software version 5.4 released by IVC offers real-time data overlays, quality video over low bandwidth links, streamlined clip extract and H.264, megapixel, certified camera support. The latest version of software can be part of a comprehensive video monitoring solution when combined with IVC’s line of industrial IP video cameras. 781/255-7400; www.ivcco.com.


Dust Control evaporator

The DriBoss DBE-750 evaporator from Dust Control Technology features a water fracturing design driven by a 25 hp industrial-grade motor. Designed to eliminate wastewater quickly and cost effectively, even without large evaporation ponds, the 7.5 hp submersible pump is attached to a frame that floats on polyethylene pontoons filled with closed-cell urethane foam. The evaporator can pass particles up to 3/16 inch in size without clogging or fouling nozzles, reducing the need for pre-filtering or cleaning dirty elements. 800/707-2204; www.driboss.com.


Moyno Series 3 C3A channel grinder

The Series 3 C3A channel grinder from Moyno features one-piece casting top plate with adapter cover, top stack tightening, shrouded seal design and hardened couplings. 937/327-3111; www.moyno.com.


Crane submersible solids handling pumps

Non-clogging Barnes submersible solids handling pumps from Crane Pumps & Systems are available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch discharge sizes with motors ranging from 2 through 60 hp, flows to 3,400 gpm and heads over 260 feet. 937/615-3544; www.cranepumps.com.


Bel-Art wire rack labels

Polypropylene Scienceware wire rack I.D. tags from Bel-Art Products Co. snap onto any wire rack made of 1/8- or 3/16-inch wire. The tags can be wiped clean and reused, and labeled with a dry-erase marker, permanent marker or pressure-sensitive adhesive label. 800/423-5278; www.belart.com.


Meltric receptacle box with circuit protection

The receptacle/wall box combination with integral circuit protection from Meltric Corp. combines the safety of a pre-wired DSN Series switch-rated receptacle with the convenience of local circuit protection in a compact package. The receptacle, which has a dead front safety shutter for protection from live parts and arc flash, is pre-mounted to the box and wired to the circuit protection device for easy installation. Fuseholder models are available with 20A or 30A receptacles and have a blown fuse indicator light for each pole. 800/433-7642; www.meltric.com.


Kepware server, drivers

The KEPServerEX 5.8 from Kepware Technologies features an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix unsolicited driver for expanded connectivity and Fisher ROC and ROC Plus controllers for enhanced interoperability. Other features include Modbus Channel Serialization, and Device Level Communication Diagnostics to aid with performance tuning and assist with troubleshooting. 888/537-9273; www.kepware.com.


Wilden stainless steel AODD pump

The PX800 Advanced series stainless steel air-operated double-diaphragm pump from Wilden is center-ported and features a 2-inch flow path and threaded 2-inch horizontal fluid connections. The pump has BSPT or NPT threaded inlet/discharge connections and a variety of elastomer options, including neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, PTFE and Viton. Pumps deliver flow rates up to 176 gpm at operating pressures up to 125 psig. 909/422-1730; www.wildenpump.com.


Universal Flow Monitors plastic transmitters

P420 series plastic, vortex-shedding flow rate transmitters from Universal Flow Monitors Inc. offer metering in corrosive fluids, water, brine and low-viscosity fluids in water treatment applications. The series includes models with wetted parts made entirely of PVC or CPVC for greater heat resistance. The CPVC monitors can transmit fluids with a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees F. Available in five pipe diameters (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 inches), the monitors provide a flow range of 12 to 200 gpm. 248/542-9635; www.flowmeters.com.


Pentair solar combiner box

The Hoffman solar combiner box from Pentair Technical Products combines electrical inputs for photovoltaic applications into a single output. The box is available in non-metallic POLYPRO and 14-gauge mild steel models. POLYPRO boxes provide an overlapping tongue-and-groove raised cover and gasket for a secure seal and are Type 4X rated. Steel models feature continuous hinges, oil-resistant gaskets and Type 4 rating. Both versions are available in 6- and 12-string configurations. 763/421-2240; www.hoffmanonline.com.


Hach portable velocity flowmeter

The FH950 portable velocity flowmeter from Hach Flow Meter Products & Services features an electromagnetic sensor. The step-by-step interface simplifies programming, delivers real-time data and downloads direct to a PC. The unit automatically calculates total discharge based on USGS and ISO methods, while real-time velocity is graphed on a color display. 800/368-2723; www.hachflow.com.


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