Vacation Time

Vacation Time

The U.S. Virgin Islands aren’t just a vacation stop for humans any more. Chickens have made a home at the Mangrove Lagoon Wastewater Treatment Plant on the island of St. Thomas. They can be seen hidden near pumps or sunning themselves in the clarifiers.

“Mongoose and wild dogs would chase the chickens and occasionally one would fly up into the SBR tanks and grab onto the guy wires for the floating mixers,” says Ron Trygar, previous education and training coordinator for the company that ran the plant. “It was no big deal to (the operators) to have goats, chickens, cows and hogs around the treatment plant … it was all just a part of the landscape and the culture there on the island.”

One hen made a nest behind a small blower for an aerated grit chamber. It seems like a noisy place to raise a family, but maybe the gentle hum of the equipment kept the baby chicks at ease. It sounds as if a trip to the islands would be a relaxing getaway.


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