Cyclonic Flow System Increases Filtration, Extends Cartridge Life

Cyclonic Flow System Increases Filtration, Extends Cartridge Life

SB Hurricane swing-bolt filters from Harmsco Filtration Products feature cyclonic flow and a two-stage housing that separates solids prior to filtration for extended cartridge life and increased dirt-holding capacity. Liquid enters through a tangential point toward the top of the housing and is channeled between the outer housing and inner housing wall, creating a cyclonic effect.

“It’s really two filters in one — a cyclonic separator and a cartridge filter,” says James Kasprick, national accounts manager. The combination of kinetic energy and centrifugal forces make dense solids bounce along the outer casing, lose velocity and settle in the bottom of the outer chamber. A drain in the bottom of the filter bleeds off sediment, manually or with an automatic timed valve.

The inner wall rises from the base to just below the top of the housing. Liquid flows around and over the inner wall before entering the cartridge filtration area. Fluid further loses velocity as it flows around the cartridges, creating a flutter effect that bounces particulates along the surface of the media for even loading before the particles are trapped.

Each filter cartridge is placed over a standpipe that rises to near the top of the filter. The upflow design helps ensure that air is expelled for further filter efficiency. Models include the HUR 1X170FL, HUR 3X170FL, HUR 5X170FL and HUR 8X170FL (the first number indicates the number of cartridges inside the filtration unit).

Kasprick says municipal plants might use the HUR 5X170FL five-cartridge system. The filter has 850 square feet of pleated media area, stands 73 3/4 inches tall and is 38 inches wide with a 30-inch diameter. It has a 38-inch inlet and 14 1/8-inch outlet with 1 1/2-inch NPT drain. The filter has a recommended flow rate of 525 gpm and maximum flow rate of 750 gpm.

The housing is made of electropolished 304 or 316 stainless steel and can be coated to resist corrosive compounds. Built to ASME standards, the filter includes a swing-bolt enclosure, O-ring housing seal, flow rates up to 1,200 gpm and pressures up to 150 psi. Cartridges measure 30 3/4 inches long with an outside diameter of 7 3/4 inches. Maintenance consists of changing the cartridges when they reach 25 pounds, Kasprick says.

Cartridge options include the NSF 61 listed polyester for high efficiency and low pressure drops; high temperature (up to 200 degrees F); Harmsco Free 100 percent synthetic composite media; NSF multi-layer Poly-Pleat; and the multi-layer All-Poly 100 percent polypropylene media with polypropylene end caps and components.

Other cartridge options include the SureSafe antimicrobial that reduces the growth of bacteria and mold on the media; Carbon Block (NSF 42 listed) with pleated 5-micron nominal prefiltration; EZ Clean with 100 percent synthetic composite 50-micron media; Poly-Mesh 100 percent synthetic composite 250-micron media; and LT2 cartridge, designed to meet LT2 requirements for groundwater under the direct influence of surface water. In most applications, cartridges can be cleaned and reused. 800/327-3248;


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